Michelle Bittel
I am a certified trainer who feels the type of bond that we form with our dogs is really important. I love helping dog owners raise happy and well-mannered dogs. I specialize in puppies, rescues, high drive breeds, and recall. ~ Langley, BC ~

I have been working with dogs and their humans for 8 years. I am originally from New Jersey where I grew up with a Golden Retriever. I was relentless in asking for a dog for 12 years when my parents finally caved. Success! He was much better than the little wooden dog on wheels that I used to take everywhere with me. I started All Paws on Deck in NJ and eventually moved to Palm Beach, Florida where I teamed up with a business owner there to co-own Fetch Palm Beach offering dog walks and training. I moved to BC about 4 years ago where I started up All Paws on Deck once again in Langley, BC. I am certified privately in the US and am a graduate from the International Academy for Canine Trainers here in BC where I received a lot of hands-on experience. 

Our mission at All Paws on Deck is to educate our students and the public on positive ways to interact with our dogs. We want to make an impact on the way people see and train with their dogs. If we can change even one persons mind from some older ideas, we will feel like we've won. I will always advocate for our dogs and the way that we treat them. I hope to provide understanding into our dogs and tools to build success. 

We specialize in puppies, rescues, high drive dogs, and recall. I love working with new dog owners who maybe feel a bit lost on how to raise their puppy to be happy and well-mannered...or maybe don't even know where to start. Being able to support them along their training journey and seeing those light bulb moments from both dog and owner, has been amazing. I also have 2 rescues at home who are both high drive dogs; one of which was a street dog and tried to jump out of my car window the first week that I had her. Recall and knowing how to work with a high drive dog (hello fellow border collie owners), was a life saver during our first few months together. My passion for rescues, high drive dogs, and recall has only propelled forward since then. We offer private dog training programs with ongoing support (1-3 years) so that we can be there to help along your training journey as things change over time. 

I love being a dog trainer because I have the privilege of coming into your family to learn all about you and your pup, and how I can help you all along the way. Private training really allows me a window into your lifestyle and how you want to raise your pup or work with your dog; what's really important to you when it comes to training your dog. I love being able to guide my students in the right direction and even provide multiple solutions and tools for them to be successful. I learn so much along the way which really allows me to help my students the most. (Thank you to everyone who has ever trusted us with their pets, it's been nothing short of amazing and I wouldn't trade it for the world). 

I am accredited by the Canadian Association for Professional Dog Trainers (CAPDT) and am hoping to sit for my Certified Professional Dog Trainer ; Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) exam in the upcoming year. I recently attended the Animal Behavior Conference which was a 3 day intensive with some of the most well-renowned trainers and researchers in the industry. I love that there is always something new to learn and I will always take any opportunity that comes my way to keep learning. 

Servicing Langley, BC

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