Cait Wall (she/her/hers) is a dog mom, nurse, and runner who lives in Vancouver BC. She is the proud guardian of Milo (12-year-old labradoodle) and Auggie (2 year old mixed breed).

When she adopted Auggie in March of 2021, she realized he had severe global anxiety and fear and that she had very limited knowledge in how to help him. With the help of amazing trainers, education courses, and a growing R + community, she has become very passionate about consent-based training and helping empower Auggie and Milo live their best lives.

She loves to discuss anything behaviour, learning theory, and enrichment, and frequently compares her friends' interpersonal struggles to Auggie's journey to confidence.

Outside of dogs, she loves to run, read, sing, hike, and camp. Cait would love to be involved in spreading the joy and beauty of R + training and help other dog parents navigate the dog training industry.