Smiling, middle aged, white woman, with shoulder length hair, wearing rubber boots, crouched down outside beside a Nubian goat with floppy ears who is nuzzling her hand.Christine Heal (she/her/hers/they/theirs/them) has been involved in pet rescue for over 25 years.  She founded Faunadael Pet Rescue, fostering and adopting out cats, dogs, small pets, poultry, and livestock, as well as fostering for other rescue groups and shelters.

Christine grew up on a Fraser Valley hobby farm where her parents supported—and tolerated!—her obsession with animals from insects to equines.  She first attended university to become a veterinarian before switching to a different field, but still loves learning about animal behaviour.  She has trained and/or trialed her dogs in competitive obedience, agility, Rally-O, herding, tricks and tracking, and horses, ponies, a donkey and a mule in various riding and driving disciplines.  Her beloved pot-bellied pig Frankenswine lived for ten years as a part-time house pig, and taught her how clever pigs are!

Christine copy edits geological reports and the odd novel, and is a seasonal hay farmer.  In the past she worked as an office manager, taught numerous children's programs, and was lucky to be employed in the pet industry for over twelve years.  She would like PACTA BC to have a stronger emphasis on youth support and education.

Before her daughter graduated to university, she was very involved with the school and district parent advisory councils, serving as secretary for both.

She supports VIATA moving forward as PACTA and is excited about including people from the rest of BC who share our values and mission to make our province a kinder place for companion animals.

Christine, her spouse, and a community (feral) cat live on Vancouver Island, and share their lives with a deaf goat, a wobbly goat, and a few large dogs...all who get excited for their clicker training and Agility sessions.