Close up photo of Lyndsay, a smling woman with shouldter length straight hair and glasses, with her chocolate coloured, short-haired, mixed breed dog

Lindsay trained as a lawyer in the late 1990s and practiced mostly in criminal and family law.
She previously worked with dog trainers Pat Cutler and Mary Zacharatos (Five Star Dog Training) in Kamloops and joined with them to provide puppy and teenaged dog classes for approximately four years. She also helped Pat with private consultations, though that was not her main focus.
Lindsay has been a BC SPCA volunteer for 22 years, and recently left the BC SPCA's provincial board after two three-year terms. While on the Board, she was part of the Governance Committee and did a lot of research and drafting of bylaws.
Lindsay believes that animal training needs to be based on science and regulated in order to protect animals, the public, and the consumer.
She looks forward to working with the Regulation Committee and PACTA at large to improve the lives of dogs and people in BC (and hopefully elsewhere!).