Current Members:

  • Valerie Barry, Chair
  • Sylvia Currie
  • Christine Heal
  • Candy Milliard

If you are interested in joining the Marketing Committee, volunteer here.

The Role of the Marketing Committee:

Provide recommendations and direction as it relates to:

  • Social Media
    • Channels recommendations
    • Set up
    • Content and Schedule
    • Maintenance
  • Website
    • Recommendations for Content
    • General Maintenance
    • Routine updates and testing of links, functionality, etc.
    • Research options for any new or updated requirements
  • Design publicly disseminated documentation to be cohesive with our website related to:
    • Social media posts
    • Event advertising
    • General advertising
    • Email to members
    • Email responses to public
    • Generation of all advertising
    • Recommended channels/venues
    • Recommendations vs. paid/unpaid ads
    • Set up of advertising
  • Design and dissemination of Newsletter / Blog
  • Replies to general inquiries via the website and/or forwarding to appropriate parties
  • Identifying marketing opportunities
  • Setting up and running marketing campaigns
  • Designing marketing strategies to:
    • Attract and find potential supporters and/or sponsors
    • Obtain donations and develop a loyal supporter following
    • Run fundraising campaigns
    • Attract and recruit volunteers

You can help make an impact!  Volunteer here.