Bearded dragon lizard on a rough branch surrounded by plants, wood and rocksExotic animals, usually smaller pets, often live in confined areas with little enrichment.  Changing their environments to offer mental stimulation is not only better for their welfare, but can affect the relationship with their guardians.  Short haired rabbit in a living room standing on his hind legs looking up towards a couch

Danielle Middleton-Beck BSc hons, PGDip CABC in the UK writes, "Providing enrichment can aid in bond building and reduce aggression associated with stress."  She further explores how and why we need to enrich environments in her article Mental Stimulation – It's Not Just for Dogs!

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Christine Heal


In pet rescue, I believe in being kind to both animals and their guardians whether adopting or needing to rehome. I promote cooperative care and trick training for fun and enrichment, in goats to cats to chickens. ~Vancouver Island~