On March 20, 2022 we had our very first “PACTA & Potato Chips” event and it was a lot of fun! 18 animal care and training professionals gathered to share current projects, ideas, and tackle some big questions.

The intent of these events is to catch everyone up with our progress to date, spark some good conversation and engage with those wanting to learn more about PACTA BC.  The events are open to anyone—members and non-members alike.

The following is a brief summary of our presentations and discussions in order of our agenda.  Enjoy!

The Tour


We began with an overview, introductions of our Board members, and a fun whirlwind “bus tour” of our website and social media with Secretary, Christine Heal, as our tour guide!


What did we talk about?

Professional Member Roundtable

The monthly roundtable discussion will be a safe place for supportive conversations among professional members. Perhaps you’d like some suggestions from fellow members for a challenging client? Maybe you’re looking for some good education suggestions or to open a discussion about something new in our profession.  


“I love this idea, it’s nice to have a sounding board for challenging cases.”

“This is something sorely needed in the dog training community.”

“I love the idea of what this looks like. We all need a shoulder or an ear. This could not only translate to dog training but professional dog walking service/ pet sitting services. I love to help others to be successful.”

A Peer Reviewed Resource Database

Work is underway to develop a much needed, searchable, peer reviewed, resource database.

Peer review is the evaluation of work by one or more people with similar competencies as the producers of the work. It functions as a form of self-regulation by qualified members of a profession within the relevant field.  -Wikipedia

“A truly progressive idea for PACTA!”

“This is an amazing idea. It will be available to the public at no charge, correct?”
Answer: Yes! Available to everyone—professionals, pet owners—everyone.

Education Pathway

This flexible, competency-based model will acknowledge and build on each individual’s experience and knowledge. 

“I love that the education pathway takes in various different certifications and training systems.”

“I’d definitely like to see an option that accounts for past experience versus starting from scratch.“


The plan is to create a regulation model for dog trainers that will be applicable to other animal care industries. We are in a research phase.  We are looking at licencing models of other professions such as accountants, dental hygienists and veterinarians.

“All I know is that the whole regulation topic/conversation terrifies the snot out of me. Kudos on PACTA for even broaching the subject.“

  • Transparency for the consumer
  • Safe, ethical treatment for companion animals
  • Predictable methods of training used by every licensed individual
  • The use of training methods supported by higher levels of those also regulated, like veterinary medical associations
  • Fair and ethical business practices for licensed individuals within the industry

Why is it called a Potato Chip Event?

“I don't imagine that dried apple slices would taste good salted.”

You'll have to attend the next event to find out!

“Cannot wait till the next meeting!”