On June 11, 2022 we had our quarterly PACTA & Potato Chips event and it was a lot of fun! Twenty people, both members and non-members, gathered to hear some project ideas and updates, and to discuss the results of our recent Dog Trainers Survey.

The intent of our PACTA & Potato Chips events is to catch up everyone with our progress, spark good conversation and engage with those wanting to learn more about PACTA BC.  The events are open to anyone—members and non-members alike.

What did we talk about?

A Peer Reviewed Resource Database

Amanda explained the new Peer Evaluated Animal Resource Library (PEARL).

In addition, we're creating a list of clearly defined terms (lexicon). The definitions are discussed in our PACTA BC Members Facebook Group, so please add your input!  Do you know what theromorphism is?

We discussed who will be reviewers and what principles will guide them in their reviews, as well as the general input and review processes. It's important for PEARL to contain resources that both do and do not fit with PACTA BC's Mission Statement, as we want the public to check this freely available library before they purchase that dog training book that recommends punitive methods.

Anyone is welcome to start adding resources and we'd love your feedback on the input form.

“This will be an amazing resource for us and for our clients.”


Professional Member Roundtable

So far we hosted two Roundtables, with fun, lively, thoughtful and confidential conversations on the topics of Resource Guarding and Separation Anxiety. The July Roundtable will be Choice and Control from the animal’s perspective.

Monthly Roundtable days and times will vary in an effort to accommodate as many Professional Members as possible.

If you’re a PACTA Professional Member, please consider participating. Roundtables are a professional member benefit and a safe space to connect with others!

“There’s so much strength in collaboration!"


Education Pathway

Sylvia Currie gave a brief overview of the Education Portfolio Pathway Project, and how it will enable dog trainers from diverse backgrounds to apply their knowledge, education, skills and experiences to become a licenced dog trainer.




PACTA BC is working towards creating a formal mentorship program, designed for both new and practicing trainers and who have identified gaps in their education or knowledge and may need some advice or support.  

Mentorship will be a paid role filled by PACTA Professional Members who want to become involved in helping others get the support and coaching they need to become successful dog trainers.

 "I love the idea of mentorship in this industry."

Dog Trainers Survey

Our recent dog trainer survey closed on June 1, 2022 with 70 responses. We discussed results and addressed questions the respondents had about PACTA.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI): PACTA BC’s work is anchored in DEI principles. The Education Pathway, in particular, is an open and flexible process that will support individuals entering the profession who might not otherwise have the opportunity.

Why PACTA?: Regulation will happen, and we are an established group ready and wiling to guide the process. 

Training Methods: PACTA BC is following the lead of professionally regulated organizations such as the veterinary medical associations that are clearly in support of humane and reward-based methods.

Who runs PACTA?: PACTA BC is a group of passionate animal guardians and trainers. We have no affiliation with the BC SPCA nor any other organization. The process of licensing dog trainers will be guided by all of our members.

“Wow! Regulation is so needed!“


Our next PACTA & Potato Chips will be

Sunday, September 18, 2022 at 4:00 pm PT