We are very proud of our Professional Members and want everyone to get a chance to know them a little bit better!  

Spotlight is on:
Bernadette van Klaveren of Dawg Pet Care and Training in Nanaimo, British Columbia.


1.  What started you on your pathway in the animal care and training community?

From the young age of six I had always dreamed of working with dogs. I was educated in Europe as a dog groomer, and it was only natural to learn everything there was to know about behaviour and how we can influence it in a positive manner to reduce stress and enhance quality of life. My old English sheepdog Panda decided for me it had to be a profession when she made it clear she wanted to join and play Agility. I had no choice but to learn all there is to learn about animal behaviour and how to positively influence it for the best outcome! Since Agility is an off leash sport, there’s only one right way to get the dog to be involved voluntarily: having fun with a keen understanding what motivates the dog.  These principles can be applied to all behaviour modification.

2.  What experience, interests and services do you bring to the animal care and training community?

30+ years of working daily with a large variety of dogs and cats, handling them, understanding them, learning. I love to share my knowledge and experiences with other people so they may benefit. Ongoing education is a strong passion I have and try to instill in others. Having had the pleasure of coaching and teaching at the world competitive levels in Agility, and shaping the skills of Agility competitors and judges as a clinic facilitator, made me fully aware of the enormous need there is to help people and their pets in their daily situations. Understanding reactivity from a personal point has helped me grow and hone my skills to help others. Learning from and working with many esteemed educators has shaped my career.

3.  Can you elaborate on the interesting challenges COVID brought to your business?

COVID created an opportunity for us to expand into the virtual world of learning and teaching. The limitation it put upon us in regards to in person visits, has actually made me a better coach! Due to the isolation that many people and their pets have experienced, it has brought more knowledge and emphasis on the difficult tasks of dealing with separation anxiety and fear.

4.  Please share a fun fact about yourself!

That I am owned, loved, and cherished by six wonderful Bernese Mountain dogs and one very patient and understanding husband!

5.  Why did you choose to become a member of PACTA BC?

I 100% support everything PACTA BC stands for! Kindness, compassion, and a thorough understanding of the human animal connection and relationship around it should be at the forefront. Anyone living with animals should have an opportunity to experience and learn about the enormous benefits of kindness and mutual respect in our daily dealings and communications with humans and animals.