We are very proud of our Professional Members and want everyone to get a chance to know them a little bit better!  

Spotlight is on:
Julia Morton -- Dog Behaviour Consulting in North Vancouver, BC.

Smiling, slender, middle-aged woman wearing glasses, a hat and a jacket, is standing with her two older Jack Russell Terriers.  Her gloved hands hold coiled longlines.  One of her dogs is between her legs looking up at her; the other is facing her also looking up at her.   Background is a forest trail with a rustic fence on both sides.  Autumn maple leaves cover the ground.

1. What started you on your pathway to becoming a dog trainer?

I’ve had terriers all my adult life. They kept me busy, but it wasn’t until I got involved in dog sports in 2007 that my interest in training was really sparked. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was immersing myself in books, seminars, lectures, and conferences. When I began competing in dog agility I connected with like-minded trainers.

Then one of my young terriers, Fonzie, exhibited behaviours that were puzzling to me and I made it my mission to help him. He was the reason I eventually became a behaviour consultant.

2. What experience, interests and services do you bring to the animal care & training community?

My experience with Fonzie led me to study at Behavior Works with Dr. Susan Friedman. We covered applied behaviour analysis and learning theory which I use every day when working with my clients.

The accredited trainer program with Kay Laurence taught me to observe and finely splice behaviours when teaching a dog a new exercise. She also taught me to think outside the box, and analyse everything I see.

I’m now a certified dog behaviour consultant with IAABC and a certified separation anxiety trainer from Julie Naismith’s program. I specialize in treating separation anxiety, but I also help dogs and their people with issues that are disruptive to their quality of life, such as resource guarding and behaviours related to fear and anxiety.

3. Can you elaborate on the interesting challenges COVID brought to your business?

COVID forced me to figure out how to train and consult with clients online using Zoom and videos. As much as I like working in person with my clients, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that working with them online is often a better method. This is especially true when treating separation anxiety, or cases where the presence of a stranger would not benefit the dog.

4. What is something most people don't know about you?

I have a degree in Fashion Design which reflects the complete opposite of my current interests and lifestyle!

5. What is your passion?

Aside from working with dogs? Well, I’m never bored. I tend to go from one obsession to another, and love diving into a good project.

6. Why did you choose to become a member and support PACTA BC?

I would like to see a change in dog training and other pet related industries where the average person looking for a pet professional can feel assured that they are hiring someone who is knowledgeable and up to date with current information. As well, the objective with PACTA BC is to provide a pathway for knowledgeable professionals to join by proving what they know, rather than where they studied. That’s a refreshing change!