JULY 13, 2021

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New Regulation and Education Models for Animal Care and Training in BC

In British Columbia the responsibility for assessing the knowledge, skills, and ethics of animal care and training professional falls directly on the consumer. PACTA Professional Animal Care and Training Association of BC (PACTA BC) is changing this. Our starting point is the launch of two very important and related projects.

  1. A model for education in BC
    We are creating a competency-based certification model that acknowledges and builds on each individual's experience and knowledge. This model recognizes rather than competes with existing quality educational programs. It is inclusive and flexible.
  2. Regulating the dog training industry
    A focus on dog training is a starting point in a larger provincial initiative to develop models for regulation that can be adopted by all animal care industries.

Regulation, combined with robust education, is our only way forward in the animal care and training industries. The range of practices among dog trainers in BC, and indeed all of Canada, do not represent current animal welfare and learning sciences. As with any profession, questionable quality of services is a direct result of inadequate education and standards of practice.

This provincial initiative will create unique and innovative models and programs that rely on collaboration and peer support across animal care professionals throughout the province. Our goal is to ensure regulation brings out the best of us, and education continues to push us toward excellence.

PACTA BC membership is open to all British Columbia residents. Sign up to offer support, become a partner, and collaborate with like-minded people to create a better future for animals in our care.


“I want to see an elevated standard of science-based, positive training in my industry.”

Valerie Barry, North Vancouver, BC