Conquering Canine Separation Anxiety: A Workshop for Professionals with Julie Naismith

In this concise 2-hour workshop, designed as an overview for dog trainers, we will explore the complex issue of canine separation anxiety and separation-related behaviours.

Perfect for professionals seeking an introductory understanding, this session will offer a glimpse into the world of separation anxiety training.

While it's just the tip of the iceberg compared to her comprehensive 12-week SA Pro certification course, her goal is that you will leave with a clearer picture of what separation anxiety entails, basic identification techniques, and an overview of the approaches used in recovery.

This workshop is an excellent first step for those considering specializing in this area, providing valuable insights and a starting point for further education.

Equally, though, trainers who prefer not to take separation anxiety cases will leave with a greater understanding of what these cases entail, and be able to have more informed conversations with guardians.

Key Topics:
● Overview of Canine Separation Anxiety: Understanding the Fundamentals.
● Recognizing Signs: Basic Identification of Anxiety Behaviours in Dogs.
● Introduction to Behaviour Modification Approaches: What Works and What Doesn't.
● The Human Toll of the Condition, and How We Can Support Guardians.
Live Q&A Session: Discussing Common Questions and Concerns.


About Julie Naismith, BSc CTC

Julie is a canine behaviour consultant who works solely with separation anxiety cases. Julie trained at the prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers, under the apprenticeship of the world-renowned trainer and force-free advocate, Jean Donaldson.

Julie is the author of bestselling separation anxiety training guides found in the Be Right Back! series of books. Be Right Back! has over one thousand reviews, and is the most widely read book on separation anxiety around the world. It’s published in several languages, including Dutch, Czech, German, and Polish.

She is a total separation anxiety geek, and is committed to making the world a better place for unhappily-home-alone dogs and their stressed-out guardians. Julie feels privileged to help thousands of guardians around the world via her Separation Anxiety Heroes membership, her innovative Be Right Back! separation anxiety training app, and the guidance she gives to the 70,000 plus members of her free Separation Anxiety Dogs Support Group on Facebook.

In addition, Julie runs the SA ProSM Behavior Consultant certification program for dog professionals and canine behavior consultants around the world. Julie is from the UK, and divides her time between the UK and her the home in the glorious Canadian Rockies which she shares with her husband and their three dogs.

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Continuing Education Units

 2 Continuing Education Units approved for IAABC and KPA; others may be available..

Some of the feedback

"Lots of clear, practical advice to help my dog learn to love being home alone!"

"Julie is a fun, engaging speaker! Love that she answered our questions!"

"This information will definitely help us with our separation anxiety struggles."



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