Stacy Wilson
I am a certified trainer who is committed to helping people and their pets build great relationships. I teach a variety of group classes and offer private training. ~North and West Vancouver~

Stacy Wilson

I am a certified professional dog trainer and behaviour consultant. 

I first worked with Dog Partners as a client in 2014 after adopting my rescue dog, Molly. It was quickly apparent that Molly suffered from severe separation distress and reactivity towards dogs and people. I began learning as much as I could to help Molly with her issues and became fascinated with the science behind modern, positive dog training. In 2019, I began mentoring with Dog Partners and assisting with group classes and private training clients. 

I am continually building my education and knowledge through various conferences, courses and webinars. I have a strong interest in behaviour modification and helping dogs overcome fear, reactivity and anxiety. I also enjoy teaching a variety of group classes and working with puppies and adolescent dogs.

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