Volunteering with PACTA BC is a powerful opportunity for you to be part of moving animal welfare forward. 

This is a chance for you to help change the future for animals throughout British Columbia.

There is nothing more inspiring and motivating than being involved with a group of like-minded people who have the same goals as you do. We work together, we support each other, and as PACTA BC we will make a better future for animals.

We welcome you to sign on as a volunteer with us. Everyone has something valuable to contribute.


Let’s hear what inspired some of our volunteers:

"I chose to volunteer for VIATA (now PACTA BC) because I believe strongly in the benefits of education. People want to do the best for their animals and being able to contribute to the lives of both the animals and their humans through education was very meaningful for me."

Allison Schaefer RVT, Sooke, BC

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"Friends. Good friends. Everyone is looking for meaningful relationships with others of similar interests, and that's what I found with PACTA BC.

I was overwhelmed at my first meeting...in a great way. Not because I didn't (yet) know anyone, but because everyone there believed animals needed to be treated humanely and trained without using punishment (+P). I was welcomed into a committee, and then another committee, and onto the Executive. It's been time well spent with my new circle of friends."

Christine Heal, North Cowichan, BC

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"I want to see an elevated standard of science-based, positive training in my industry. I think dog training is a fractured industry, and I would like to see positive trainers come together as a supportive group to helps move training in the right direction and regulate this industry. Let’s quit being competitive and be collaborative and supportive instead!"

Valerie Barry, North Vancouver, BC

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"Let’s do this! That was my immediate reaction when asked if I would like to be involved in PACTA. I knew right away this was the right organization to move all animal care and training industries into the 21st century. At the time I didn’t realize I would enjoy it so much!"

Sylvia Currie, Lac Le Jeune, BC

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"I chose to join PACTA BC (VIATA) in its beginning days for one main reason—I looked up to the trainers who were involved in it. I was a young, naive trainer just starting my business in a new-to-me community. I joined to find like-minded trainers to learn from and maybe even make some new friends, both of which I did. And now I'm giving back by mentoring aspiring trainers!"

Robyn Andexser, Powell River, BC

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"I can't keep saying that I want things to change and then do nothing about it. Joining PACTA is my way of trying to do something about it."

Michelle Bittel, Langley, BC