The priorities are to develop models for regulation 
and accessible education.

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Regulation, combined with robust education, is our only way forward for humane, reward- and science-based methods of training, care, and handling.

PACTA Professional Animal Care and Training Association of BC (PACTA BC) is leading a provincial initiative to create unique and innovative models and programs that rely on collaboration and peer support across animal care professionals throughout the province. Our goal is to ensure regulation brings out the best of us, and education continues to push us toward excellence. 

PACTA BC's two immediate projects to accomplish this are:

  1. A model for education in BC: We recognize that excellent educational opportunities exist, and that learning paths are individual. Our goal is to create a competency-based certification model that acknowledges and builds on each individual's experience and knowledge. 

  2. Regulating the dog training industry: Work is underway to bring about regulation for dog trainers to be educated and certified in humane, reward- and science-based methods of training. The model we develop will be applicable to other animal care industries.


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