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  Dog Breed Differences: The Intricate Interplay Between the Genetic Background and Living Environment with veterinarian and PhD student Dr. Amin Azadian - 1.5 hours - $15

Selective breeding has resulted in a diverse range of domestic dog breeds, enabling them to serve in various roles within human society. However, excelling in many of these roles often requires extensive and costly training, with the interplay between genetic and environmental factors in determining a dog's behavioural performance and learning outcome remaining an ongoing exploration. Dr. Azadian presented the results of his recent research, answering questions like

  • Can a breed be labelled as smarter than others?
  • What affects learning?
  • How much influence do dog guardians have on learning?
  • Can immune system responsiveness and disease vulnerability affect a dog's personality?
  • How are dogs grouped by their DNA?
  • What factors affect a dog "failing" a training program?


 Conquering Canine Separation Anxiety: An Introductory Workshop for Dog Professionals with Julie Naismith BSc CTC - 2 hours including Q&A - $19.99

Explore the complex issue of canine separation anxiety and separation-related behaviours to gain a clearer picture of what separation anxiety entails, basic identification techniques, and an overview of the approaches used in recovery.

Key Topics:
● Overview of canine separation anxiety: understanding the fundamentals
● Recognizing signs: basic identification of anxiety behaviours in dogs
● Introduction to behaviour modification approaches: what works and what doesn't
● The human toll of the condition, and how we can support guardians


Are They Having Fun? Identifying Appropriate Dog-Dog Play with behaviour consultant Christina Young BSc, CDBC, PCBC-A, KPA-CTP - 2 hours - $30

Watch videos as Christina explains body language. Learn tips to help our dogs have fun together and what appropriate play looks like: how to tell if play is fun for both dogs, when to intervene, the qualities of a good playmate for your dog, and much more.
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  Helping Fearful Cats with Bailey Eagan, PhD student in Applied Animal Biology at the University of British Columbia - $15

Learn about study results in strategies to reduce fear and anxiety in cats, from behaviour modification to anxiety-reducing medication, along with a summary of a growing body of research and in-shelter experience demonstrating that many fearful cats from hoarding environments are treatable in shelters and can have positive outcomes in adoptive homes.


What is a Happy Dog? with Dr. Sasha Protopopova, assistant professor in the Animal Welfare Program at the University of British Columbia and the NSERC/BC SPCA Industrial Research Chair in Animal Welfare - $15

The latest research and some surprising findings on what it means to be a dog and how we, as professionals and dog lovers, can be more effective at helping dogs live good lives with us.
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