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Additional benefits are available for Professional Members.

Businesses can support PACTA BC by becoming a Corporate Sponsor.


Adult $35

If you live in BC, you can join PACTA BC as an Individual Member and help promote science- and reward-based, humane training and handling of companion animals.

Youth $10

If you live in BC and are under 19, you can join PACTA BC as a Youth Member for a reduced membership fee.

Supporting $25

If you live outside of BC, join PACTA BC as a Supporting Member with the benefits of an Individual Adult member, except the ability to vote.

Professional Member

If you carry on business or volunteer in the pet industry in BC, join us as a Professional Member!

Membership is valid for one full year from the date you join. So, if you join on June 14, your membership fee will be due on June 14 the following year.