What is a Learning Exchange Workshop?

a.k.a. LEW (pronounced L.E.W., not loo)

Learning Exchange Workshops, formerly called Training Exchange Workshops, are a free benefit of being a PACTA BC member, where members gather to discuss a particular topic and everyone is encouraged and invited to share.

A LEW is different from a lecture or seminar. A facilitator introduces the topic and then everyone present—from professionals to those just learning—are encouraged to offer suggestions, to explain what worked/didn't work for them in a similar situation, to outline what they have read, to raise questions, etc. On a flip chart or board, the facilitator collects and organises the input from the participants. Discussions and demonstrations follow. Demonstrations might include role plays with imaginary or stuffed animals, and/or coaching pre-approved dog-handler teams. The focus is on sharing, learning, and discussing force-free, reward- and science-based methods. 

Watch our News page and Events page for upcoming LEWs.