2 dogs interacting

Most people are keen to see their dogs play with canine friends. Play is supposed to be fun, but humans sometimes miss the mark on whether or not all dogs involved are feeling safe and enjoying themselves. This is not surprising; play is very complex! Dogs speak a very different language. Seemingly aggressive bitey faces and tumbles on the ground can actually be quite innocent. And quiet, deliberate interactions can be a reason for concern. 

Allowing opportunities to play is a very important part of raising a healthy canine companion. Thankfully, we have experts to help us understand when to leave the dogs to their vocal and rambunctious antics, or when to intervene to provide a little guidance. 

Christina Young of Positive Dog in Nanaimo and author of The IAABC Foundation Journal article "Teaching Polite Play", will guide us through examples of play styles and situations and together we will discuss body language, and learn how to help our dogs have fun together. 

Christina Young listening to dog

This is a hybrid event, with opportunities to participate in person or via livestream. A recording will also be available for those who wish to revisit the learning or are unable to fit the event into their schedules. 

Check the Events page for details and to register. CEUs pending.