We’re coming up to our third Learning Exchange Workshop in Kamloops and I realised that I haven’t written anything about them!

These workshops are supported by the Professional Animal Care & Training Association of British Columbia (PACTA BC). As someone who has always been inspired by participatory workshops, I was eager to help bring this format to pet guardians and professionals in Kamloops.

A Learning Exchange Workshop (LEW) is a facilitated, theme-based social learning event where participants are encouraged and invited to share their knowledge and experiences. The 2-hour workshop is open to the public, affordable, and designed to engage people with all levels of experience and expertise. These small group discussions are focused on emergent questions and observations, and then brainstorming solutions. It’s a fantastic format, and has a history of success on Vancouver Island where they originated (then called Training Exchange Workshops when PACTA was the Vancouver Island Animal Training Association).

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Sylvia Currie


I’m an experienced educator, trainer, and lifelong learner. I focus on preventing and addressing problem behaviours. My goal is to make a difference in the lives of companion animals. ~Thompson-Nicola region of BC~