PACTA BC is proud to award badges to both our Individual and Supporting Members, and to our Professional Members.

The purpose of badges are to:
  • Show support and affiliation with PACTA BC
  • Raise awareness of PACTA BC
  • Share personal accomplishments (with future badges, e.g. Licensed Dog Trainer, Licensed Dog Walker, etc.)
The badges are for display on business and personal websites, and to share via social media. They can also be printed on business cards and other print collateral. They are not meant to replace the PACTA BC logo. Badges represent individual affiliations and accomplishments, and logos represent organisations. 

Two overlapping, round, virtual badges.They both have PACTA BC's logo in the top third of the circle.The left one's text is PACTA BC Professional Member. The right one is slightly different and states PACTA BC Member. This graphic is not the downloadable badges.


Are you a current PACTA BC member and missed the email about how to get your badge? Email us and we'll send you the link!

Thank you to PACTA Professional Member Julia Morton for designing the badges plus the promotional graphic above.