The Professional Animal Care and Training Association of BC (PACTA BC) is heartened to see a recent collective uprising in support of humane and ethical dog training methods in response to an uptick in demonstrations of extraordinarily inhumane dog handling that have gained attention on social media. 

These individuals become popular through both mainstream and social media because the animal training industry has no clear guidelines, oversight, or requirements. Many people are unaware that dog trainers can work without any education, experience, or adherence to professional standards. This leads to a huge burden for dog guardians who are left with the task of evaluating a wide variety of animal professionals, many of whom are good marketers but who might not be humane and effective. These guardians often aren’t sure how to evaluate potential dog trainers and need guidance to figure out who to choose.

Being a truly effective and humane animal trainer means spending hundreds of hours gaining education and experience. And the learning never ends, as continuous advances in behaviour and learning science mean training advice and methods are always improving. 

We have many humane methods to work with the dogs, cats, and other animals we care for. A commitment to learning and growing is the only way forward. PACTA BC believes strongly in creating a community of animal professionals that provides support and education. Animals need to be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve and to be treated humanely. PACTA BC is dedicated to creating a safe space for animal guardians to find humane trainers and other resources.

For more information on how to join this community or access information as a member of the public, contact PACTA BC at or [email protected].