Close up of a blond haired smiling woman wearing sunglasses, close to a relaxed, squinty eyed, black and white panting Border Collie-type crossbred dog, wearing a neck bandana. They are outdoors on a sunny day with a clear sky and deciduous trees in the background.Robyn has worked with animals since she was fifteen years old, beginning her animal training career with Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins and African Penguins in Edmonton. After moving to Nanaimo in 2005, Robyn expanded into the dog care and training world and ultimately founded Best Paw Forward Dog Training in Nanaimo in 2006. She and her two dogs taught all levels of classes and one on one lessons for more than 15 years. Robyn is a graduate from the Animal Care Aide program at Vancouver Island University and is also a Certified Instructor for Dogsafe Canine First Aid. Her main teacher today is Ty, a 14 year old border collie mix, who is so unique that he is adored by everyone—especially those he teaches at the Dogsafe class.