To become a professional member, you need either to be sponsored by a current PACTA BC Professional Member who can attest to your knowledge and handling, etc. methods, or to be mentored by a current Professional Member.  If you do not have a sponsor, we invite you to take advantage of our Mentorship Program:

  1. Read the Mentorship Contract.

  2. Be an Individual Member in good standing.

  3. Complete the Membership application for a professional membership, and the Professional Membership Questionnaire.

  4. Provide samples of your written materials that you give to clients, if applicable.

  5. Provide proof of education, certifications and accreditations in your field.  Please note, you do not need any specific certification to become a Professional Member.  Other education and experience is also valuable.

  6. Sign our Code of Ethics.

  7. The Membership Committee will review your application.

  8. If approved, the Membership Committee will work with you to find a Mentor, a Professional Member of PACTA BC who is volunteering their time.  Once matched, you both will sign the Mentorship Contract.

  9. You and your Mentor work together until they are able to sign the Sponsorship Declaration.  Your Mentor will need to see you work with both animals and clients.  Depending on your location, some of that may need to be done virtually.

  10. The Mentor will submit the Sponsorship Declaration to PACTA BC's Membership Committee.

  11. The Membership Committee will contact you.

  12. If approved you will be emailed the link to pay the membership fee and instructions on how to update your information in the Professional Members Directory.

  13. Connect with our other Professional Members to work together for the betterment of care, training and handling of companion animals in B.C!


Professional Membership forms 

  1.  Click on each file name below.  It will open the .pdf file in Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar program.
  2.  Complete the form.  It is a fillable form so you can type in your information.
  3.  Save the form to your computer.
  4.  Email the saved forms to [email protected].

(If you aren't able to type your information into the forms, you can save and print the forms.  Once completed, scan the forms and email them to us.)

Membership Application

Professional Membership Questionnaire

Code of Ethics

Mentorship Contract

Sponsorship Declaration