Christine Heal
In pet rescue, I believe in being kind to both animals and their guardians whether adopting or needing to rehome. I promote cooperative care and trick training for fun and enrichment, in goats to cats to chickens. ~Vancouver Island~

Christine Heal


I have been involved in pet rescue for over 25 years when I founded Faunadael Pet Rescue. I've fostered and adopted out cats, dogs, small pets, poultry and livestock, both for my own rescue and other rescues and shelters. Currently we're not fostering but still support past adopters, help people rehome their pets, and network with other rescues and shelters.

I've seen a shift from pets needing homes because of overpopulation to pets being surrendered for behaviour challenges, many whose behaviours worsened when their well-intentioned guardians used methods they read about online or were taught by a professional they hired. I love being able to suggest an experienced professional who uses positive reinforcement based methods to help that animal stay in his or her home!

My spouse and I share our farm with a few large dogs, two floppy eared goats, a community (feral) cat, and an aquarium of friendly guppies and a healthy population of snails.

"The clicker is quicker and so much more fun!"

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